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Solar Framing & Installing

The design and strength of the frames as well as the layering and placing of the solar panels is vital to the efficiency and longevity of the plant. The importance of a successful solar plant installation lies within its design. Our design and  installations ensure that your solar plant operates at maximum efficiency.

Electrical Wiring

Failure to install the solar system correctly would lead to the plant not reaching it’s maximum efficiency and ultimately resulting in a lower return on investment for the solar plant owner. Best to leave this job to the experts. We have the expertise to ensure that all our projects are effectively executed.

Operations & Maintenance

Routine maintenance and ongoing monitoring is conducted by our dedicated team. System checks are performed to ensure that the solar panels are maintained and repaired when necessary. Early fault detection enables ongoing optimal power generation and in turn provides peace of mind for all our clients. Solarcare can also supply cleaning crews to ensure that panels are clean and efficient.This can be on a short or long term basis. Feel free to ask us for a quote.

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